Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunrise Wildflowers (at any time of day)

My friend and I volunteer as Meadow Rovers at Mt Rainier so we hike a lot of trails, talk to a lot of people and take a lot of photos. The trails in the Sunrise area are bursting with wildflowers, the likes of which I don't think I have witnessed previously. Even the road is lined thickly with Lupine!

We found one area that still had lingering snow but should be gone in another week or two. It's on the Wonderland Trail from the Shadow Lake camp going toward Frozen Lake and there is one easy-to-cross snow patch, then one that's a bit more steep. Poles and decent shoes should suffice.

One of the goals as Rovers is to keep people on the trail and off of the meadows. Even one boot will erase (I don't like saying "kill", especially when kids are around) many flowers. I looked at Gaia and it shows trails that are not on the Green Trails map or the yellow handout map the Park gives out. They are not secret trails - they are just NOT trails. Please stay on established trails when in the "front country" area of Sunrise to help preserve the flowers and not freak out the animals.

And, please note, there is currently construction on Hwy 410 and in the park that will cause delays. Check the WSDOT site for current location.

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