Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Snowmageddon 2019

We got snow! It's always exciting when it snows in Seattle since there are always a lot of unknowns: will it be as much as the forecasters predict, will it render the streets undrivable, will the city come to a standstill? This year, the answer was a resounding YES! 

Where I live, up on a ridge, at the elevation of 315', we had a total of 8 inches but on higher hills in other micro-climate zones, there was at least a foot of snow. While it's too late for a white Christmas, snow still brightens up an otherwise dreary, dark February so I did what all the other city dwellers out there did - I went out to experience it.

palm trees in Seattle

one of many X-C skiers at Green Lake

I headed down to Green Lake, the closest park, which is known as a place for activities like walking, running and water sports. Today, the overwhelming majority of people were out enjoying the fresh snow on skis.

At the lakeshore, where many times I have seen Great Blue Herons and Eagles, were mostly ducks. One was kind enough to swim in the frame to greatly improve the photo composition.

thank you, duck

The city is so beautiful with a fresh coat of snow, like having all the dirt and grime of past mistakes washed away and coated with a fresh coat of pearly white paint.

transformed to black and white

I arrived at a grove of Sequoias that I have always admired (and have thought about living beneath, should that situation ever arise). I started to run around them in a spontaneous burst of joy at their presence and, before reaching the last tree, looked down to see that I had been making tracks in a heart shape. I yelled out, "I heart trees!"

I Heart Trees