Monday, June 11, 2018

Flower Geeking in the Teanaway

It's that time of year, late spring, when flowers are busting out everywhere around the city, but also in the Central Cascades where the snow melts sooner. There's no better way to see these beauties than to hike in the Teanaway, north of Cle Elum, with a group of Mountaineer flower geeks. The trail was 6 miles round trip with 1,200' of gain, but we were taking it easy and making lots of gawking stops and photo opps.

Balsamroot and Lichen
The Demon Butterfly - no, but that's what it looks like up close

Mt Stuart and me
There were species like Trillium and Arrowleaf Balsamroot that were on their way out, but  also making an appearance was Scarlet Gilia blooming early. Further up on the ridge was a great view of Mt Stuart and I couldn't help but position myself in front of the range. And Bitterroot (Native Americans must have eaten a lot of these roots and named them aptly, though I didn't do any nibbling), the close-to-the-ground showstopper that is often so hard to find. We were in a veritable field of them, relatively speaking, and had to be careful not to trod on one. They were glowing in the midday sun.

We all made the summit and had views out to the Enchantments, the Stuart Range, Mt Rainier and a lot of local peaks that, between us, we had all collectively summitted. 

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