Sunday, October 4, 2015

Coffeeneuring Challenge, Day 1: Ventoux

a beautiful day at the cafe
Years ago, on a bike tour in France's Provence region, I had the opportunity to ride up to the summit of Mt Ventoux; I didn't take it. Between my tight gearing that meant grinding gears (and my knees) and the thought of the screaming descent with only an inch of rubber and petite brakes to stop me, I made the decision that it wasn't worth the risk. Today, I got a second chance.
my US bike in the company of an Italian

Today is the first day of the Coffeeneuring Challenge, 2015 and I started with a 25-mile loop up to Shoreline titled, Decent Descents of North Seattle. On the return leg of the loop, I extended the route to include a climb up 55th Street to 35th Avenue for a stop at Ventoux Roasters. No need to hop a plane for this climb; the mountain has come to Seattle in the form of a sweet neighborhood coffee shop. I was out on a bike ride for some good coffee, plus a little treat for having made such a vigorous climb.

Oddly, there was no bike parking outside so I took my steed inside and leaned her against the wall, below some classic frames and jerseys. Since I had just made the climb up Ventoux, I was still perspiring and high on endorphins, in stark contrast to the barista and patrons who were mellowed out with coffee (yes, that happens when you drink it regularly) in the quiet, open environment of the little cafe.

Soon, with a Mighty-O Donut and a soy latte in hand, I was able to join those ranks. Appropriately, the espresso art was a heart (Hart Roasters) and was very smooth. The decor was bike-centered, but not entirely so in that a non rider would enjoy the space just as well.

attention to detail: chainrings and coffee bags

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