Sunday, August 3, 2014

Busy Like Saturday Morning

July 26: As I find myself in the Final Four (weeks) of nursing school (!!!!!), I realize that I have let my fitness stray. To that end, I hopped on my bike and rode out to the top of Golden Gardens. The streets were relatively empty, allowing me safe crossing at 15th Ave NW and a lovely, quiet ride through neighborhoods to the west. But when I arrived at The Top (Loyal Way & 85th St), the crowds were out with dogs and babies, enjoying a cup of coffee and treats (don't worry, the cafe has a water bowl; the babies on the other hand...) at Caffe' Fiore. Across the street, which was my primary goal, was the first of a set of stairs where it looked like everyone was training today. There were the walkers, like me, though few in number today; the runners, who were the majority and the folks simply headed down to the beach. In other words, a busy day on the stairs.

Some day, I would like to interview people to find out their motivation and their goals, but today I just wanted to get in a little exercise, pet a few dogs and get back to studying.
I ended up doing 2 loops, with a walk around the block in between so my calves didn't cramp up and I alternated stairs and trails on the loops. I petted just one dog and didn't have any coffee because the joint was so crowded.

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