Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Adventure, Day 4

view from the parking lot!
Guess what we did right after breakfast? Yes, we stocked up on happy juice at Blackbird! We had timed our departure so that we could get coffee (drive-through this time) and still be on time to meet our friends and fellow Mountaineers at the Olympic Nat'l Park Visitor Center. Nicole was leading a snowshoe trip from Hurricane Ridge to Hurricane Hill and, while we hoped for weather like we'd had the last time on that route (sunny, blue skies), we were not completely optimistic, due to overcast conditions.

the group heads off up the road
The drive up was very revealing – we were above the clouds and the mountains came to life before our eyes, revealing the incredible vista from 5,000 feet at Hurricane Ridge. Because I had experienced a "wardrobe malfunction" that morning, which translates into not being able to fit into my winter pants, I was sporting a pair of wool tights and a skirt, my favorite cold-weather exploration gear. Remembering back to 2 years prior, when I was nearly panting like a dog left in a hot car, I was glad my layers were a bit lighter. At the first rest stop, I was baring all to the mountains in front of me as I changed to a short sleeve shirt and took off those warm tights. I was not alone in my bare-kneed endeavor; the trip leader, Nicole, was wearing shorts with her ensemble.

on Hurricane Hill, 5,757'
It was a bit of a slog to get to Hurricane Hill at 5,757', but doing the rest step, having fellow Mountaineers Rich and Nicole in step with me and the emerging views, were what was needed to get to the summit. The views were superlative! As much as I love Mt Rainier, another of Washington's National Parks, I have to admit that the views up on the Ridge were even better; there was simply more to look at and the open water could be seen in one direction.

Strait of Juan de Fuca out there

As what goes up  must eventually come down, we had to leave our perch and head back toward the cars, much of it on a soul-sucking road, angling uphill. At one point, I could swear I could hear my body talking, "Hey, fat cells, we gotta burn some of you to keep our girl going. Off to the ovens for you!" Fat cells: "Why don't you just make our girl eat some more food? It's too nice of a day to die." Body: "Our girl has to fit into her pants, so you've gotta go!"

When everyone was accounted for at the parking lot, we said goodbye and sped off (coasted) down the road and made our last stop at Blackbird for a little Joe-to-Go for our drive back to Seattle.

Rich, our only man, runs ahead for privacy

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