Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break Adventure, Day 2

Keeping with my theme of adventure, Rich set a circuitous course of driving to the Edmonds ferry on our way to Port Angeles for the weekend. On the ferry, I had my nose in a book (#1 of 3 for spring break) while he scanned the horizon for whales. The drive from Kingston to Port A was uneventful, save for the slow-moving minivans we kept getting stuck behind.

Once at our destination, the Olympic Lodge, we set out for Blackbird Coffeehouse for an afternoon snack. We are very familiar with Blackbird, as we have been there many times before and they are the reason that I drink Rishi Tea almost exclusively. They also serve Stumptown Coffee, one of my favorites. After the snacks were consumed, we went for a walk along the waterfront, noting the Blackball Ferry that runs to Victoria, BC (must do that some time) and stumbled onto a gallery exhibit featuring local youth. I know that adolescents struggle with identity and purpose, but it was the overwhelming sense from their art that they have few outlets, creative or physical, that made us feel sympathetic and grateful that we grew up near cities where there was a lot available to us. And there still is.

We dined at Jasmine Bistro, a Thai joint where the spice rating should be taken seriously, then returned to the hotel and listened to frolicking of kids in the pool while reading and other stuff.

OK, so not a big day of adventure, but a prelude to the weekend.

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