Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Found Kitty

One morning, I received an email from a neighbor in the building who identified me as one of the "cat people" in the building (though I don't have a cat and I really love dogs) and let me know that there was "a cat in the garage that needed help".  Uh oh – Rich and I had seen a kitty there a couple of days earlier in the morning when we left for a hike, but didn't see him when we returned, so we had assumed he was gone. When I went down to the garage, I looked a little harder and there he was, curled up behind the compost bin, amongst bags of soil and some leaves, his little tan body blending in like just another blown-in-from-the-yard leaf.

I immediately went to the PhinneyWood blog, clicked under "Lost Pets" and a description of that very cat, a Siamese named Zuul, was the first listed. He had been missing for almost a week and his people were just 2 blocks away. It seemed as though he were an indoor cat who had ventured too far from home to be able to return safely.  I immediately called the number, then emailed as a backup.

Later in the day, while at clinical, I received a very appreciative message from his person saying he was coming over for Zuul, then later received an email saying he was safe at home, enjoying his second dinner.

It was so heartening to experience this kitty-person reunion, since Rich and I had decided that every time we saw a "Lost Kitty" sign in the neighborhood, it was really a kitty obituary. No, not true, kitties do turn up once in a while, in the most unlikely of places.

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