Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Snippet

Summer is here and in full form; some may even say that it is fading. I am not one of those people. I have just been released from (my) prison, the one of reading, studying and exam-taking. I am now ready to play, explore and have fun without much restraint. However, I have gotten out as much as possible in the past bunch of months, but I have not had the luxury of the time to write about it. What follows is a shortened photo-journal of my travels and hikes.

May and June, up to the end of Spring Quarter:
an Orca near Lopez Island for my birthday weekend

Rhody along the Dosewallip Memorial Day Wknd

Beauty and the Burn

for a fairly easy hike, Lake 22 is very visually rewarding

the "other" Green Lake on the day I was supposed to be studying

One week of break spent in NYC:
made of Legos, my fave art exhibit

quintessential NYC from Staten Isl ferry (it's free!)

wherever you go, there you are!

walking to Brooklyn

from the roof of the Met (NYC's best-kept secret)

Now, back to the mountains. Mmm, doesn't that feel much better...
not much serenity at Lake Serene

fog rolling in like... (fill in the blank)

Aah, first swim of the year in Mirror Lake!

Now this is the backcountry!

and this is not... Lake Annette (you can't see the garbage)

meadows and mountains from Johnson Ridge

lovely Lupine

on the PCT south of Stevens

my face says it all – first swim in Trap Lake
And there you have it, a truncated journal of trips from the past bunch of months. I was able to get to the East Coast, get some culture, then return when the lakes and meadows were thawing out.

There are lots of adventures in the works, so stay tuned for more...

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