Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two-Step Shuttle

Nicole's got the fever!
I set this hike up as a one-way trip with a car shuttle from the lower Twin Falls trailhead to the Iron Horse TH near Rattlesnake Lake so that we could maximize hiking and scenery which is increasingly difficult this time of year.

Starting out, it was pretty cold, so we kept moving, taking short and infrequent breaks. I forgot to pack dog treats which was a mistake. Not for my own dog; I don't have one. But for all the dogs out with their people on the trail. Nice dogs!

The side trail to view Twin Falls had a little ice so we bypassed it (no busted tailbones today, please) and kept going up, through some slick spots (think skating on the bridge), to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. For the next 3.5 miles on the trail, it snowed lightly but with determination. There is another waterfall along the way, which was beautiful.

We found the turn-off for Cedar Butte and went up the direct route, admiring the light snow carpeting the green moss and lichen along the way. It was as if the snow had turned all the deep green to a lighter shade. The summit was like a winter wonderland, but not icy or treacherous to get there or back down. There was no view, but we used our imagination.
happiness is...

From there, it was a short jaunt to our waiting cars at the Iron Horse TH (where there are more bathrooms) and we did the shuttle back to Twin Falls and home.