Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Summer Summary

The summer is long gone, washed down the drain by the recent deluge of the fall/winter season and swept into compost bins along with colorful leaves. But at least there are still photos, images which seem to be from so far away.

This summer was a successful season of lake swimming, edging me ever closer to my goal of swimming in all the lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness (that a trail goes to). The tally was six new lakes, shown in the order of my appearance in them:

Myrtle Lake, 4th of July – first swim of the season and snow and ice covered half of the lake
proof of my swim

this is on the shore of Myrtle Lake

Upper Melakwa Lake, Aug 5 – on the second day of a backpack on the hottest weekend of the year

this is just 1/4 mile up from Melakwa

Big Heart Lake, Aug 11 – I led a women-only hike to this lake 7.5 miles up West Fork of the Foss River

my hat is off to this beautiful lake!

the USFS has updated the distances to add 2 miles to our trip

Hester Lake, Sept 12 – a private trip to Myrtle's sister lake on a very rough trail off of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. Read a previous post about it here.

a beautiful lake at the end of a tough hike

sign-eating tree

Ridge & Gravel Lakes, Sept 20 – it felt like summer was back, but this ended the swim season

I spy....

in Gravel Lake

 Next summer, the swimming will get a little more challenging, as there are fewer lakes left for me to swim in that are easily accessible and below 5,000 feet. But I look forward to the adventures it will bring.

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