Friday, September 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Sisters

Hester Lake, at last
This is the tale of two sisters, Myrtle and Hester. Myrtle is straightforward, uncomplicated and simple, while Hester is perverse, obscure and complex. While both possess beauty, Myrtle is the type who would compete in a pageant, while Hester plays up the "wild child" and relishes in being dirty.

I first became acquainted with Myrtle on the 4th of July. She was just waking up from her winter slumber, yet still shining in all her glory beneath the broad shoulders of Big Snow Mountain. I found a soft, yet melted out parcel by her shore and swam in her waters, though briefly, since she was not yet fully warmed to the season.
meadow below Hester

This past week, I was acquainted with her unruly sister who hid from us behind heavily moistened huckleberry bushes, slippery roots and mangled creeks and rocky outcroppings. At times, she misled and confounded us, but we found her eventually, glimmering in the sunlight below Mt Price.
sign on Dingford Creek trail

Like any pair of sisters, she bore some resemblance to Myrtle, in that she enjoyed solitude and provided refreshment to those who sought her out.

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