Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's Themes: Water and Green

Dalles Creek Falls
I had a choice – hike Snoquera Palisades on Tuesday with a group, sharing costs for gas and having companionship in the misty, cool weather or go solo on Wednesday when the forecast was for sun and warmth. I'm glad I chose to go on the rainy day because the trail is all about green moss, leaves and ferns and the water that cascades down the mossy rocks on its way to the White River.

It was raining at the trailhead but as soon as we got on the trail, the cover of the trees protected us. We crossed a couple of creeks on very sturdy and not slippery logs, then ascended a steep staircase built by Boy Scouts years ago. Leaving the mossy forest for the dry Palisades, we were treated to peek-a-boo views of the White River Valley while the clouds swirled and some clusters of wildflowers to kept us company for lunch.

A light mist was falling, but it was more like we were in a cloud than the cloud was raining down on us. The area must be a convergence zone, as it was raining yet bright enough for me to need sunglasses. When we descended and arrived back at our cars, it was raining more steadily, yet we emerged out of the rain and clouds as we drove west toward Enumclaw.

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