Sunday, March 11, 2012

Epic Trip in the Teanaway, March 3

 It started out as an epic trip in the Teanaway due to the early hour we were to meet in North Bend (6:45AM) and because it was 10-miles of snowshoeing, often cross-country, in a one-way car shuttle format.
group approaches summit, Teanaway Butte

It ended up being an epic trip because it was windy and snowy/rainy at times, though with fresh snow under 'shoe, we took a nice cross country route, but ended up on a road for the last 3 miles (on nearly level terrain), where I was losing skin from my heel with each step, and the mileage totaled 11.1 (it was that last .1 that nearly did me in, physically and psychologically).

the only view from the summit
Along the way, we managed to fit in some hysterical laughter (a face plant on my part), hear of the leader's many adventures (emphasis on many) and enjoy each others company (old and new friends alike), all with good attitudes and focus on having fun in the backcountry, despite the very long day.
demonstrating inverted snow-plow pose

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