Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rainy Day City Trip

On a stormy day in Seattle, the ride planned by COGS was canceled, so I was left to my own devices to get a little training in. My go-to playground as of late has been Queen Anne, one of the highest hills in Seattle.

Trip Report: Queen Anne Stair walk
Rain: negligible
Wind: nearly got beaned by Toto!
Total Time: 1.5 hrs
Total Distance: unknown
Total steps climbed: who's counting?
Reward: bar of chocolate (for snarfing) and 2-buck Chuck from TJ's (for cooking)

I took the bus to Aurora and Galer, then up, up, up Galer to the top, then Prospect St around to Kerry Park (where I checked out the location for the video below.  The up, down, up, down some more, then up the west side of Galer to Trader Joe's for goodies, then continued down the stairs to Aurora for the bus home.

If you need some guidance in planning your own city stair adventure, I recommend this site which has mapped walks and lots of information, including downloadable maps.

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