Monday, January 30, 2012

Soggy Tiger

Tom, Lisa, Fran and Nicole at Chirico
Two weeks ago, a hiking trip entitled Hidden Tiger (crouching dragon?) had to be canceled due to a wind storm whipping through the region. Today, the mountain forecast was for heavy rain up to 6,000' which included our planned snowshoe to Mallardy Ridge, so we changed it to a private trip version of Hidden Tiger.

like matchsticks

getting over it

I'm glad I took a photo of my four hiking friends at the Chirico trailhead, as that was the driest we would be on the hike. The rain was consistent and not even an umbrella helped and the wind was present whenever we ventured out from the cover of trees. Speaking of the cover of trees, a lot of the trees had been blown down, broken in half, tossed like matchsticks and strewn about the forest floor from the wind storm the week before.

view from Poo Poo Pt
We reached Poo Poo Point at about 2.2 miles, used the well-stocked restroom and, while huddling beneath a tree, decided to call it a day. We descended and admired the moss and ferns along the trail, then the heated seats in my friend's truck. A short drive away, we hunkered down at a Starbucks, drying out our gear and warming up, revealing the true name of this hike:
Huddled Hikers; Soggy Tiger

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