Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anderson & Watson Lakes

a little fall color
For some reason, not many people hike this trail, but that meant a little more solitude for my small group of Mountaineers than on many other trails this weekend.

We lucked out with the weather! A sunny day was emerging from the gloom as we drove up to the trailhead from the socked-in city. Our first destination was Watson Lakes, which is perhaps the only trail in the Noisy-Diobsud Wilderness. We lunched while looking at Bacon Peak (how apropos!) and picked berries, too.

Watson Lakes- short on names, long on scenery
On the return, we side-tripped to Anderson Lakes and, while we weren't very impressed with the so-called lakes, once across the creek, we saw what the draw was for this trail... an awesome view of Mt Baker! Some fall color in the meadow, which will get better and better, was a nice addition.
Mt Baker and meadow near Anderson Lakes

We bid farewell to Mt Baker on the trail, only to encounter her again, from the road. Plus, we spotted another majestic peak which only later, with map in hand, did we identify as Mt Shuksan.

Mt Shuksan, from the FS Road

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