Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Cap

Every once in a while I stumble onto an excellent piece of clothing, something that once I start wearing it, I wonder how I ever lived without it. One of those things is arm warmers for cycling. The in-between clothing layer that allows for micro-adjustment while on the bike. Too hot? Pull the arm warmers down. Too cold? Pull those arm warmers back up. Perfect and simple.

I saw an ad for Walz Caps in a cycling magazine, either Bicycling or Momentum (two cycling mags on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, by the way) and I was curious. The website depicted both men and women wearing their caps while on and off the bike. They had fabric and color options that were nearly endless, but they had the important choices I was looking for: wool in red. They also offered a cap that had ear flaps built into it, flaps that could come down to keep ears warm but also be tucked up under the cap so it could be worn as just a cap. The absolute selling point was that the cap was available personalized, with embroidery on the side, for a small fee. Bingo! 

I paid a very reasonable price (saw a similarly priced cap made by Smartwool that was very plain) and soon it was on its way to me. The day I received it, a friend was with me and the moment I put it on, she remarked, "That's cute!". Cute was only the first of a string of adjectives to describe how fashionable and functional the cap is. 

The temperature in Seattle had just taken a dive and that evening I was riding to Ballard for my music lesson. I put on the cap, pulled down the ear flaps and secured my helmet over it. Since the wool is thin and soft, my helmet fit over it with just a small adjustment to the chin strap. And my ears stayed warm, along with the rest of me, since I was deterring heat loss by covering my head. Once I arrived at my destination, I tucked the earflaps up and was ready to make a fashion statement.

And that brings me to what the cap is embroidered with on the side. In a previous post, I wrote about my love for a certain dessert item. I also have a love for the bicycle and combining the two by leading rides to local pie establishments. Whether you see me on the road or walking down the street, you will recognize me by my obsession when you see the slogan, "I Ride for Pie" embroidered on my Walz cap.

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