Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diamond in the Rough

Stillaguamish River near Granite Falls
Recently, I was talking to someone who had lived in the Seattle area all her life, but said she was really sick of the weather. While it's true that it often either rains or is cloudy in Seattle, there are some great advantages to the weather here. For example, unlike places like Colorado (I'm not picking on CO, in fact I would love to live in their cold and dry climate), there is a lot of green in Seattle all year, even in winter.

From the Douglas Firs and pines to the Salal and Oregon Grape and moss, there is likely to be a palette full of different shades of green most anywhere you look. I have heard that Eskimos have a plethora of words for snow; we have a similar quantity of shades of green.
Iris in bloom on NW 80th St

And then there are the unusual and unexpected, yet totally welcome oddities of nature. Those times in the season when you wish you saw a flower blooming, but no flower in its right mind should actually be blooming. But there it is! A spot of blue with yellow stripes catches your eye amongst the tall grasses in a garden in front of a house on a busy street. An Iris in January? I bent down to see that it was, indeed, anchored to the earth and had not fallen from a passing bouquet. An Iris in January – what a wonderful sight!

This is one more reason to love Seattle in winter.

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