Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dog Lover

Without a dog, you may wonder how much of a dog lover I could be. But I love dogs so much that I realize that owning one when I live in a 700 square-foot condo would be unkind. Instead, I read about dogs, my favorite read being Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote and my most recent, Sight Hound by Pamela Houston and I pet all the friendly dogs I encounter all over Seattle, getting kisses once in a while. I also embrace the spirit of a dog: living to have fun, to walk in the rain, to embrace my fave people as much as possible and to try to love unconditionally.

So it hurts me whenever I read about the loss of a dog and this week, I read about a woman who lost her dog in a most unassuming way – while on a walk on Queen Anne hill on Thanksgiving Day. While they happily walked along the sidewalk of Queen Anne Ave, her dog, Sammy, suddenly began to howl and went into convulsions. Unbeknownst to her, the dog had just stepped on a contact voltage plate that delivered enough electricity to kill a dog. 

While she has hired lawyers to recoup the funds associated with Sammy's medical and burial expenses, she is dealing with the loss of her pet, her soulmate, her buddy. She has a blog devoted to the dog and the incident in hopes to prevent this from happening again and also to help her move through her grief. If you are a dog lover or owner, please be sure to read the blog, pass on the information and help keep our Seattle dogs safe.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving?!

"You want to do what to your toe?", my doctor friend asked. I had called her to act as moral support and supervisor when I had a bruise under my toenail that had become particularly painful. "Yes", I said, "burn a hole through the nail, with a needle or paper clip." As a supportive friend, she agreed to have me come over to her home, where her brother was staying on a visit and where she was suffering from a cold. And it was 9AM on a Saturday morning.

I arrived with needles, band-aids and triple antibiotic cream in pocket. She countered with sterilizing pads, square towels and medical sharps, along with a long-reaching lighter and a small supply of paper clips. We set about the task in her dining room, the cat trying to get a good view by jumping onto her shoulder. The needle was red-hot when I pressed it into my nail. It didn't hurt a bit... until I burned through to the fleshy part, that is. At that point, it felt like a hot poker on naked flesh because, well, that's what it was. I was hopeful and waited for the spurt of blood, the blood that would relieve the pressure I'd been feeling at night. Nothing happened.

Attempt #2 was with a small paper clip, figuring that the needle's tip was too small. I did it quickly so I didn't lose my nerve. Nothing happened. Attempt #3 was with a large paper clip. At this point, I began to wonder if I was taking pleasure in hurting myself or if I was so optimistic as to have become moronic, unable to comprehend that something just wasn't working. But I was inspired by the thought of getting a good night's sleep, a night without pain so after a few deep breaths and cuddles from the kitty, set to enlarge the hole once again. Guess what? Nothing happened!

I took some more deep breaths, cuddled with the kitty, massaged the rest of my foot and leg and declared, "let's go have pie!" When things don't work out, despite the best of intentions, the support of friends and the warmth of a kitten, it's time to treat myself to pie.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for good friends (and their pets) and tasty pie.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!