Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall's Hiking Finale

As fall's colors are being replaced with a fresh layer of snow, I am thinking back to just last week, when I was in shorts and short sleeves, hiking at Mt Rainier National Park.

this is the view from the parking lot at Paradise!

navigating a snowfield on the Skyline Trail

And a few days before that, traipsing around Crystal Mountain in the early morning frost.

Mt Adams and layers
Pickhandle Gap

Mt Stuart

And a week before, being blown away by the combination of blue sky, golden larches, mountain goats and towering peaks at Ingalls Pass. 

And the week before that, marvelling at the engineering feat of blasting a path through rock at Kendall Katwalk.
Marie enjoys the view

Red Mountain from the Katwalk

It was a fabulous streak of good weather, faithful hiking companions and top-tier destinations.
For more photos of these adventures, go here.

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