Friday, September 3, 2010

Interurban Trail Angel

Returning from a very nice loop of Edmonds from home, Becky's chain jammed in between her chainrings and, despite grabbing the chain and pulling desperately, up-ending her bike and yanking hard, she was unable to free it.

Then along came one-handed coffee-drinking casual bike rider guy. "Do you gals need help?" We were reluctant to involve him in the task since it was obvious it would leave him blackened, the same color as Becky's dirty chain. To calm our protests, he stated, "I'm a guy, I'll just wipe my hands on the pavement, no big deal".

For him, it was no big deal. He yanked on the chain, freed it, grabbed his coffee and hopped on his bike and rode away. He didn't hit on us, or hit us up for a "reward". He was just a nice guy helping out his fellow bicyclists.

Thank you, one-handed coffee-drinking casual bike rider guy! You've just made a deposit in the good karma bank.


eric shalit said...

Did you take his photo? I always feel safer when Becky's around. heading south on the Interurban from Lynnwood I could not find the trail segment connections. I want to learn to make Dan Henry's and mark it.


Whirled Traveler said...

I wasn't carrying a camera, unfortunately. The trail has some tricky bits in the Lynnwood area; I'd be happy to ride with you up there to enlighten you.