Friday, June 25, 2010

PIE is the new ICE

In the past when I've been injured, the way to remember the cure has been the acronym ICE: Ice, compression, elevation. That always bothered me, seeing that ice is part of ICE, making it a little tricky to remember the rest. C is for... chocolate, compassion, cookies?

To simplify and improve upon the old acronym, I propose the following change:

Peas (frozen bag of)

What does that spell? PIE! Pie is much more fun than ice, is easier to remember (especially for pie aficionados like me) and includes the drug of my generation, Ibuprofen. Plus, peas are a more controllable substance than ice in the art of cooling down and can be reused.

The next time I have an injury, instead of fearing the cold, steely ICE, I will look forward to PIE.

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