Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mix & Match

I was on my bike this morning, rounding the corner from Greenwood to Phinney Ave, when I heard someone calling my name. It was my friend, Todd, standing outside Red Mill Burgers (hey, that's no way to watch your cholesterol). I did a quick u-turn, taking advantage of the kindness of Phinney Ridge drivers, and headed over to him.

I told him of my plans to head north tomorrow with my beau, in part to test out our new backpack gear by going car-camping and in part to get away and celebrate my upcoming birthday. My friend asked why I wasn't going to Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez, a personal favorite of mine and his, too, apparently. He added something about leaving the car behind at Anacortes. I countered that it's quite a long walk with full packs to the park and he looked at me, amazed that I hadn't thought of it, and suggested we take our bikes. I answered quietly, "he's not a bike person" to which my friend raised his voice, the words erupting forth from his mouth, forming clouds in the sky, then cascading down all around us, "WHAT! You're dating a non-bike person!?" That's when I noticed a former Board member from the Bicycle Alliance of Washington sitting at a bench behind us – he gave a little wave, right on cue.

Some would consider my relationship a "mixed" one, with one of us a devoted
member of the church of the skinny tire, the other not. I consider it a welcome change, a breath of fresh air. It is much easier to go away for the weekend without the accoutrements of cycling: the floor pump, extra tubes, rags, raingear, a variety of clothing and, of course, bikes. All of our hiking gear fits in our backpacks, including camera and food. Plus, hiking fashion for men is actually fashionable, hikers don't ever have to consider whether or not to shave their legs, although the hiker/biker tan lines are nearly the same. Plus, I have all the cycling friends I could ever want (and can always make more) but a match for me is much more rare.

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