Monday, March 22, 2010

Eat your Vegan Shoes Here!

My 'hood is Phinney Ridge/ Greenwood (Phinney when I feel I need to boost my status, Greenwood when I want to live among the common folk) and I just read on the Phinney blog that a new store is opening. The word, "chocolate" caught my eye, but my brain started having trouble associating the next word with it, "shoe".

The new store is called The Chocolate Shoe Box. Now, there is a store near the Pike Place Market called The Chocolate Box that sells chocolate (expensive but not necessarily good) but this shop, to be located on 74th & Greenwood, sells primarily two items: chocolate and vegan shoes. Please, someone tell those crazy vegans that shoes are made for walking, not for eating!

And chocolate is vegan already, unless you are interested in the milk chocolate variety which is sugar first, milk second and chocolate a distant third. Dark chocolate or, specifically, chocolate with at least 70% chocolate mass has no animal products in it. There's no butter in cocoa butter which I think throws some people off. The "butter" is a vegetable fat from the cacao bean. Vegans and everyone else can enjoy chocolate without giving up their food beliefs.

But the only kind of Chocolate Shoe Box I want anything to do with is a shoebox full of my many favorite chocolates: Claudio Corallo, Michel Cluizel, Pralus...

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