Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fueling up for National Pie Day

Just by chance, I was reading the blog for Fuel Coffee, the folks whose owner also makes great pie, when I saw that Saturday, January 23 was National Pie Day. While that's enough for celebration on its own, I had the finely-tuned-into-pie sense to have already scheduled a ride for that day, passing precariously near the Montlake Fuel, on our way to the Winter Garden at the Arboretum. Quickly, before my news was scooped by anyone else, I sent out a notice to the COGS group:

"What luck
How Serendipitous
Or Just Plain Delicious!

Saturday is National Pie Day
and I am leading a ride that will stop for pie.
I am going to order a couple of pies for us so they don't run out by the
time we get there.
Maybe we should skip the plants and just go for pie?"

The response was overwhelmingly for pie, not plants. And though there may have been a few riders who wanted to scratch and sniff plants, when I told them about the two pies I had ordered (apple and sweet potato), they acquiesced and we headed toward pie.

The sweet potato pie was none like I had ever seen before. It reminded me of Thanksgivings past- particularly, the stress that ensued while a member of our family waited for the marshmallows to melt atop the potatoes. The apple pie is one of their best, with thick slices of fruit and lots of cinnamon. We made friends with a nice dog outside who was a pie fan. First, I went out and let him lick my fingers after getting them covered while doing the slicing. Then, another member of our group was kind enough to leave him an empty pie plate to lick. My kind of dog!

We cleared the mass of pie-dirtied dishes and coffee cups and continued on with the ride. The front end surged while the rear-end sagged but we all met up again at various points and made our way, on the easiest of all climbs, back up to Phinney Ridge. Friends think I'm a good hill-climber but they don't realize I have a talent for finding the easiest ways around what could be tough climbs. The other talent is for finding good pie, which I will do again in a couple of weeks. See you then!

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