Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phrase of the Day

Bone marrow edema.
How does that group of words make you feel? A little uncomfortable, I'm guessing. Most people don't think about their bone marrow. It's like the floorboards in your house- you know of them, may have never seen them, but they're there and are doing their job. So, imagine coming into the kitchen one morning and seeing a big bulge in the floor- you've got an edema!

Now imagine the walls are also banged up, like someone trashed your place while you were asleep or, more likely, when you were doing something fun that makes you totally oblivious to the pounding of your walls and cabinets. Yup, that's what I have, a bruised bone and swelling of the bone marrow. Nice ring to it, huh?
How did I do it? Well, it wasn't from doing something in my bedroom that made me totally oblivious. Most likely, it was from years of snowshoeing, scrambling and hiking with a (Mountaineers-approved) heavy pack on. Yes, I had fun, lots of it. Snowshoeing up to mountain tops in deep snow for hours so I could teleshoe downhill for 20 minutes with a grin on my face that was so wide, I swore my smile was going to tear my face all the way to my ears. Totally high, totally blissed, totally oblivious to the inner workings of my knee and the forces that were acting upon it. Or scrambling to a ridge top, like I did this past summer, in the Teanaway in July and Lake Stuart area in August.

All for a great photo- oh, what I won't do for a great photo! Sure, I was sore afterwards, but that's what Ibuprofen is for, right?
That's what makes me part of the "I Generation". We all carry it and we know that taking a couple before going to the mountains and then maybe a couple more when returning will set you right, allowing you to climb the stairs back to your bedroom, allow you to go out and follow the sun another weekend.

That system broke down a couple of months ago when, after a scramble at Lake Stuart, my knee started locking, hurting like hell and not allowing me to climb back to my bedroom. After x-rays and an MRI (not nearly as bad as everyone tells you it is- YoYo Ma helped), it was determined that my cartilage has been worn down and I have the afore-mentioned bone bruise (contusion). Each doctor I saw tried to draw information out of me about a supposed "blow" to my knee. Did I fall? No. Did I jump, landing on one leg? Nope. Did someone beat me with a baseball bat and somehow I have repressed the memory? Not likely, though possible if there could be litigation monies involved.

Another year, another injury, another medical mystery. Unlike the floorboards, this one isn't quite so easy to fix. At the moment, I am waiting on pins and needles (sorry, just a little acupuncture humor).

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Nordic_Chris said...

Louise, I hope you are able to recover quickly. The snow will be here soon! I am jealous that you got to see the NY Marathon also. How about telling us about that?