Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is why I backpack

This is why I backpack. This is why I put 40 or more pounds on my back and hump up a mountain. This is why I endure mosquitos, black flies and the occassional yellow jacket. This is why I eat reconstituted mush from a plastic bag that I have heated up water for while squatting around a little stove on a rock. This is why I sleep on an ultra-lightweight three-quarter length inflatable mattress that doesn't pad my hips and I have to put my pack under my feet so they won't be directly against the ground. This is why I spend an hour of the day throwing a rock tied to a rope over a branch, trying to properly hang my food bag from bears and rodents.

This is Lake Stuart with a backdrop of Mt Stuart and the Enchantments.

Here is the slideshow.

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jeff said...

Beautiful pictures!