Saturday, August 1, 2009

just for fun

I sent this email to a friend who recently got married on a beautiful day in Seattle, letting her know the behind-the-scenes story of her wedding, from my perspective.

I thought I'd fess up to what we did right before your wedding...

The story goes like this: how do you appease two friends on the same day, one who is leading a bike ride from a park, the other who is getting married up the road from said park?

We drove to the park near Salty's with our bikes and dress-up clothes in tow. We rode with Gary, et al for maybe a bit too long, but we were waiting until we got somewhere that we'd know how to get back to the start from. That never quite happened so we had to guess on how to get back and we were mostly right. But by then it was too late to make it over to Coleman Pool for a shower so each of us took water bottles into the restroom and "showered" (I was at least able to completely wet my hair and comb it out, preventing helmet hair).

We got back into the car, hit the A/C button and drove up the hill to your wedding. It was so hot that I don't think it would have mattered if we had properly showered.

We felt like we had done something mischievous, impressing our friends with the tale.
The ride was good, the wedding was even better.

A photo Gary took (in front of bathrooms, of course) is attached. Don't I look surprised!

It was a very good day.

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