Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cycling vs Hiking in the Blogger World

Take a scroll down the side of this blog and note that currently, all my blog links are for bicycle-related blogs. There is a lot of diversity: a carfree oft-touring cyclist, a self-proclaimed cycling snob, a group in that posts videos of their "members", in summary, a lot of creativity, humor, different points of view and interesting musings.

So why haven't I been able to find something comparable for my other favorite activity, hiking and backpacking? I did have a pretty cool site for Ed Viesturs' Ascent of Everest which included daily video reports from the airy heights of the rooftop of the world but now that the expedition is over, it's not nearly as compelling to read so I replaced it with another cycling blog.

Cyclists have a lot to write about: fashion, style, how shorts become transparent over the years... whereas hikers only choose between cotton and not-cotton, having (hopefully) forgotten that long-ago style of longjohns under shorts. Cyclists report on what their idols are up to in the Tour, Giro or Hour Record whereas hikers stick to themselves and maybe the travels of their friends. Cyclists are concerned with etiquette on the road and how they impact and are affected by cars while hikers' concerns have to do with port-a-potties at trailheads and washouts that the FS may never get around to repairing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that cycling is more than just a sport, a form of exercise or an activity. It's a lifestyle. A lifestyle with a whole different wardrobe, a cupboard full of electrolyte drinks and gels, a line of black shorts and wool jerseys hanging out to dry, three weeks a year when you're glued to the TV, when planning what to wear you consider whether or not it will fit in your pannier, making grocery shopping into an adventure and reconfiguring your living space for your bikes.

With that said, I will be taking a month or so off from cycling to keep things fresh (in my legs as well as in my mind) and doing a lot of hiking and backpacking. So stay tuned for my attempts to make hiking seem nearly as multi-dimensional as cycling.

And if you have any ideas for hiking blogs that are interesting, drop me a line.

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