Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goose Tour Day 8: Osoyoos to Penticton

Last Day

The last day of good things are no fun to write about (or think about) because they end and then the good part is over. I always find the end of trips to be so anti-climactic, as they are often followed by a long bus ride or drive home, in this case.

All I'll say is that it was a nice ride back to Penticton and our cars, maybe one of the nicest
rides of the week in terms of low-traffic roads and weather.
42 mi/ 1,750'

For more photos of the Tour, go here.

For route information, see this Bikely site.

Here are some parting photos:

Enjoy the ride because the ride is all there is!

-Quote of the day at Copper Eagle Cafe, Greenwood, BC

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