Monday, June 22, 2009

Goose Tour Day 2: Armstrong to Revelstoke

Can't We All Just Get Along

Since riding with Kent was a positive experience yesterday, I started out with him from Armstrong on the ride to Revelstoke. It was a wool day, for sure, with wet roads and the threat of more to come. And, since I had a fender with flap and he didn't, I spent a fair amount of time in front. I felt good and we hauled into our lunch spot in no time at all, wondering what to do with ourselves since it was so early that not even the SAG had arrived and we had just barely burned off breakfast. We headed for a cafe to warm up with coffee but they had no espresso so I had to settle for pie. Pie! Blueberry pie served so decoratively with little puffs of cream and drizzlings of syrup on the plate. Heaven!

At lunch (of course I still had an appetite, don't be silly),
I ate and then donned my safety
triangle (truck target?) for the long haul on the highway. I set off with Kent but dropped off his wheel when I encountered the narrow, broken-up shoulder of TransCanada Hwy 1. It was bad and the only way around it was to get into the car lane and move back in time before getting creamed by a truck. I let the current SAG driver know that I was not interested in the next 30-mile stretch of this and that they should look for me signalling madly by the side of the road. We had a few miles on a side road to clear our thoughts and toughen up again for the long stretch of highway. A bunch of people passed me, but when I got to the turn to the hwy, Steve and six others were waiting for me so we could ride together.

We formed a nice group: Jay, Tom M, Steve, Pete, Shan, Doug I was kind of thinking that they'd blow me out the back in a few miles, but they were going at quite a civilized pace. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned their names to protect their reputations and egos but I was starting to get the idea that yes, everyone can get along on Goose Tour and that it was not about riding against each other but with each other for just this one week. Whatever the reason, I was thrilled and felt even better when we picked up Kent who had stopped to wait for me (outside an espresso stand, no less). The road was much improved on that stretch and the only issues we had to deal with were the bridges that narrowed the road and that wide load sneaking up behind us. I think I just closed my eyes at that point; I couldn't bear to imagine what would happen if he didn't have width clearance while passing us.

With 15 or so miles to go to Revelstoke, there was a surge in pace and Kent, Doug and I formed our own group. We finally got off the highway to the backroads into town. There was a little excitement while riding over a wood-planked bridge, as one of the planks was rotted out and we came to a sudden halt, managing not to crash into one another. The fast group was ahead of us but were confused by the cue sheet directions and Kent was happy to trick them into climbing another hill. The SAG of Bill and Marie rounded them up and we all headed to the motel for beers and salty treats.

While scouting for a place to eat, I found a bakery that had Callebaut chocolate brownies and the owner, after learning that I was on a bike tour, said, "I hope you have a good seat". She must know something... Then I lucked into a gourmet bistro off the main street that served wonderful food and I dined there with the 6 other foodies (Mark, Shan, Chris, Kim, Doug, Steve) of the group. We extended our dining experience to include the dessert sampler once we realized it was pouring outside and only one of us had raingear and he wasn't willing to share.
80 miles/ 3,750'

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