Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eastern WA Tour

After I get back from a tour and recover from the riding and unpack my bags and clean my bike, my mind focuses on the little gems of events and images that happened during my trip.

The Eastern WA Tour with Cascade was no dif
ferent and already my mind has begun condensing those long, lonely miles on the road with repetitive scenery and the vast quantities of chipseal and the ever-present headwind and the all-encompassing heat into small fragments of memory. And what is replacing the rest of my memory are the moments of great joy, hilarity and fun. When I think back on the trip, I am left with pleasant memories of how I spent the first of many summer vacations.

Dreaming of dogs the first night of tour and then seeing a dog playfully running alongside riders on the second day

Really appreciating a cold beer at the end of a hot, sweaty, long, tough ride

Finding out that Denise was lactose intolerant and loved Coconut Bliss and then buying her the last remaining pint of it at the natural food store

Making Denise promise not to nominate me for the Golden Helmet Award

Seeing mule deer saunter across the road in front of me while climbing Wauconda Pass

Encountering loose gravel on the Loup Loup descent and just following Allison even though I was terrified at times

Pat ate a whole chicken right in front of our eyes in Republic!

Finding the "Does this Saddle Make my Ass Look Fat?" sign at the coffee shop and, of course, buying it

Scoring the last seat at the table so I didn't have to sit with the Elitist Fast Guys. Thanks for taking the heat, Allison!

Ralph lifting a banana from my jersey pocket while on the descent out of Republic

A refreshing swim in Lake Roosevelt

After donning an ice sock around my neck on the Manilla climb, how I accelerated up to the Nussbaums and Curly Sue and burst into song with my version of "I'm in Heaven"

(near) Perfecting the on-the-bike photo taking

And, in case you're wondering, here's the song:

I'm in heaven
I'm in heaven
And it seems as though that I can hardly feel
Oh the happiness that befalls me is unreal
When we're out together riding, wheel to wheel

For more photos, go here.

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