Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today's Equation

Today's Date: 3.14


Time: 3.14 spent standing on a cold, wet cement floor at Cascade's Bike Expo

Equals: zero

No pie on pi-day!
Yes, I was just a little disappointed that I missed out on pie, especially when it was so close to Magnuson Park at 60th Street Desserts, located at 74th and Sand Point Way. I was at Expo to help out at the COGS booth, but also to volunteer for a few hours at the Bicycle Alliance. I quickly spotted some people I knew, Erik Moen being among them, and he was also interested in pie. But the weather outside was frighful! and I was getting over a cold and, oh, the list goes on for why I didn't make it there. Instead, I waited 25 minutes in the cold and wind to get the only hot drinks available at the show, served up by the one and only super-busy barista. It was supposed to warm me up for my shift at the "heated" tent where there was standing water and the words from everyone's mouth became suspended in air particles in front of them, hanging like comic strip bubbles. I did, at least, get to see a bunch of people whom I had lost touch with and to meet new people, as well.

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