Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunny Snowshoe to Snow & Source Lakes

's wonderful!
's marvelous!

During the past week, Seattle has seen nothing but fog. Cold, murky fog, with infrequent sun poking through small holes. Fog in the morning, fog in the afternoon and fog at night: the hazy days of winter.

A temperature inversion has been going on so that, while Seattle remains in a cloud, the elevations above are bathed in warm sunshine. On Friday afternoon, Seattle's high temperature
 was 39 degrees at sea level, while at Paradise at approximately 5,000' on Rainier, was 52 degrees and sunny. So it was time to head to the mountains and gain some elevation.
Our Mountaineers trip went first to Source Lake, the source of the Snoqualmie River's South Fork, at the base of a bunch of peaks: Denny, The Tooth, Bryant, Chair and Kaleetan. While we stood around snacking and adjusting clothing, I looked up for a moment and gasped. The fog was lifting, the
 blue sky was brilliant and this was going to be a stellar day. After a long, steep climb up to the ridge, we gazed down to the fog-choked valley, satisfied that we had worked hard for this great reward.

See more photos here.

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