Monday, December 8, 2008

Around the World on One Pair of Underwear

The saying goes that everyone's got a book in them and I agree. Each person's unique perspective on their set of circumstances and experiences can make for an interesting read. Sometimes, it's one experience in particular that someone writes about and, along those lines, is how I came up with a possible title of my book-to-be.
From Whirled Traveler

My commuter bike, the Surly, was working seamlessly, shifting with ease and rolling without much resistance and, as I was rounding the southwest corner of the Woodland Park Zoo, I thought how I would love to just keep on riding, extending this feeling of simplicity. I thought back to a ride I had done a year or so earlier with a friend who does long distance riding (randonneuring) and how I remarked at the 40-mile point that I felt like I could just keep riding all day and she replied, "Now, you're speaking my language!".

What if I did just keep riding all day and all week and month, etc. Where could that take me? I certainly wasn't taking much with me, as I had packed my one pannier with the day's food and clothing for work. Yes, just one pair of underwear. And, unlike most days, I just happened to have my debit card along because I was going to buy something downtown that I needed for the office. I graduated from an Outward Bound course many years ago and, on the eve before our 3-day solos, we were told that the less we took with us, the more we'd bring back. Based on that premise, I was going to need another pannier, a rack pack and a trailer for all I would bring back (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Then, my so-called good sense kicked in and I remembered that I was lucky to have a job and needed to keep it in order to keep my home and to save for a rainy day and maybe even retirement. But isn't retirement just another word for "the bike tour you wanted to take your whole life?"

With the feeling of responsibility and planning and enjoying my life not just in the present, but years from now when, hopefully, I can still enjoy it, I went to work. But I was left wondering about wandering...

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