Saturday, November 15, 2008

Return to the Mountains

After two months away from the mountains while I rested up and healed my mystery injury to my foot and lower leg, I made a return today with friends and fellow hikers. I led a Mountaineers hike to Heather Lake, off the Mountain Loop Hwy, just 4 miles round-trip, but a good hike for my fall trail debut.

I was accompanied by Mark, my constant friend and wannabe hiker, Bill, the Laugher leader of Goosebumps who hasn't hiked in quite a while but was willing to give it a shot and 2 women from Marysville who recently joined the club and have been getting out regularly. We started up the trail with Mark leading and talking with Bill about all things photography and moved at a consistent, steady pace but we all warmed up regardless and soon took off layers. The day was starting to look really good, much better than predicted and there was blue sky above.

Somewhere along the 2 miles to the lake, the two gals, Amy and DaNielle got ahead of us and moved on while Mark, Bill and I stopped for photos and to breathe. Well, I'm assuming they were breathing...extra, I mean. When we arrived at the lake, it looked like Amy and DaNielle had already eaten lunch but they were polite and didn't get too nervous when we got our cameras and extra lenses out and shot everything from all angles. And then we ate and talked about grandparents and liverwurst and horse- and dog-meat. And then we stopped eating.

There was a trail that went around the lake which gives another perspective and better lighting to the scenery but it ends abruptly in avalanche debris so we took our photos and headed back down the trail. The trail was mainly wet (it's November) and a little muddy but no one took any falls and my ankle seemed pretty stable so I am encouraged to do more hikes. It's great to be back!

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