Sunday, November 9, 2008

Church of the Skinny Tires

Worship services this morning began at 10am, a little later than normal to adjust to personal preferences. Despite the baptismal conditions in the parking lot that could not be prevented, services commenced. A half hour into the services, the rain jackets came off and the air became warm and a little muggy.

Don and Mimi strayed from the Path of Righteousness, and, in the end, could not be saved. We found them worshipping at the Graven Image of a Presta valve and uttering Blasphemy, and so cast them out. Besides, their tires weren't skinny enough.

Pastor Bill, leading the way, threw in all manner of twists and turns during his sermon so that the outcome would remain a mystery. But then, creation is always a mystery!

At the conclusion of services, the congregants gathered for the Host and the Sacraments, somewhat modified to suit the doctrine of the Church of Skinny Tired Bicycles.

(with thanks to Bill P who may not be going to Hell, after all)

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