Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shooting Ducks

I'm still injured, but healing slowly and (sort-of) patiently so that I don't do something stupid and re-injure myself (like I already did once). In the meantime, I have other ways to keep myself entertained.

I finally got a D-SLR, after doing my research online and in print magazines. I bought the Sony A300 and got a 75-300mm lens for dirt cheap from their special promotion, which also included a special price on the body and kit lens. I bought it at Glazer's and was pleasantly surprised when I wasn't gouged for the accessories, though I did purchase a really awesome camera bag made by Think Tank which negated what I saved on the big lens. But, as I said, it is really awesome and worked out great today for a little test shooting at the WA Park Arboretum.

I packed the camera with kit lens, a water bottle (that would stay cold in the insulation), cell phone, snacks and other small items and set out for the bus. I'm also proud to say that this entire
 weekend has been car-free and I've been traveling either by bicycle or bus. I walked from 23rd Ave toward the Arboretum along a route that I had ridden in the other direction many times, yet had never really had a chance to really see the houses on the street. They were all very beautiful but too bad they were basically across the street from 520.
Once I made it to the Arboretum, I headed for the water, looking for some interesting scenery, so I got a bunch of photos of ducks. Some ducks are in shadow, some close-up, one in stopped action, but also some nice tree and water images. I switched modes from auto to shutter priority to aperture priority and also messed with the overall exposure, getting the feel for the camera. The SLR format's advantage is that you get more control and a choice of lenses. I don't know how I've lived without one for 8 years. 
I wandered around the park some and did a bunch of walking to make sure I still could (see earlier post), then headed back to the main street. Just as I was thinking about Switzerland, a bus appeared at the stop after only a couple of minutes.

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