Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer's return to Rock Mountain

Welcome Back Summer! We've missed you. We've had to hike in rainy, cold and even snowy conditions in your absence. The berry bushes that missed out on your warming rays, yielding few fruits, are now able to at least wow hikers by turning a brilliant red in your sunshine.

The meadow we entered after a few miles in the forest was full of your radiance and made us want to run and sing in the morning light. We enjoyed the last of the flowers, mostly asters and fireweed, then gazed up at your clear 
blue sky where our summit stretched. The babbling brook was especially nice since there were no bugs to distract us from our enjoyment of you.

Summer, we were so happy to feel your light, cooling breezes as we switch-backed up and across the mountainside toward Nason Ridge that we didn't even moan and groan about the steepness of the trail. In fact, a few in the party were heard commenting on how well-graded the trail was. You had us under your spell.

And then there were the views- you came through for us in providing a haze- and cloud-free day where we could sit atop Rock Mountain and pick out peak after peak, stretching the limits of our memory and knowledge to identify mountains: Mt Daniel, Rainier, Hinman, Monte Cristo, Three-Fingered Jack, Sloan, Baker, Glacier and Bonanza. I don't want to bore you with more; I just want to thank you and hope you stick around a little longer.

I am sure you won't be bored with the rest of the photos

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