Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two Naked Ladies Rescued from Rainbow Lake

AP, North Bend- After a fire broke out from lightning in the nearby mountains, two women hikers, whose clothing burned in the fire while they were swimming, were rescued by helicopter basket. The pilot of the helicopter was quoted as saying, "that was the best catch I ever made!". *

That was just the start of our adventure. After returning safely home to Marie's house, she discovered she was locked out and, with her toe swollen from the day's adventures, enlisted my help to "break in" to her house. I won't go into details so that all you readers do not flock to her house and help yourselves to her cheese and chocolate but I will say that it involved some climbing. Once inside, we feasted on the aforementioned chocolate, cheese, hummus, then prepared salmon, beets, parsnips and green beans.

*My thanks to Marie for the idea of this great fabrication

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