Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soggy Sauk Mountain

I know what you're thinking...yes, I was wearing orange on this hike, though I doubt there were any hunters up on Sauk Mtn today, 14 years old or not, though we did see a bunch of grouse. When I left the Colonial Creek Campground on Hwy 20 this morning, I was headed for home, having heard rain on my tent for the entire night. My compatriots and I met up at Cascadian Farms, outside Marblemount, where we enjoyed coffee, cookies and berries and noticed the clouds were starting to lift. Soon, we said goodbye to Frank but Becky convinced me that we should go to Sauk Mountain.

Another car arrived a few minutes behind us at the trailhead and I was sure it was some nut- who would be up here hiking on a day like this? It turns out it was another Mountaineer, Gita, and she was willing (seems crazy to say excited) to hike with us.

It was wet, it was cold, the wind was blowing hard. What a great day for a hike in the PNW in August! We did see beautiful flowers on the hike but no cameras dared to photograph them in this weather. Plus, I had photo'd the flowers at the Farm so I was set for the day. At the trail junction for the peak (nothing to see) and the lake (descend, then climb), we turned around but still managed to get in 3 miles, according to the map. Enjoy the beautiful flowers not taken on Sauk Mtn!

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