Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scorpion Mountain

The write-up I submitted for the Mountaineers hike to Scorpion Mountain told of "a climb to a ridge full of views and flowers". It delivered on all counts. The trail started out steadily climbing from the parking lot, then the forest gave way to views of mountains and, finally, flowers emerged along the slopes.

But wait, there's more! We had two bonus features on this lovely August day: heat and bugs. Today was forecast to be the hottest day of the year, with temps in the low 90s and it delivered. We were all sweating profusely from the first uphill bit in the sun, along the ridge in the shade and, finally, up to Scorpion Mountain. The bugs were amazing, a nice match for the heat; the more we sweated in the hot sun, the more bugs we would attract. These were not just mosquitos and flies, they were black flies and horseflies, the kind that hurt when they bite.

It was a tough choice up on Scorpion Mtn as to where to enjoy lunch. The sunny areas had a little breeze to keep the bugs down but had blazing sunshine and the shaded area spared us of the sun's rays but were somewhat buggy. We had a view north to Glacier Peak and NW to Monte Cristo, Kyes and Goblin (very Matterhorn-like).

On the way out, we saw what looked like smoke on a mountain near Glacier Peak and figured it was a forest fire. Back to the cars and down to Beckler River we went, dipping our feet, heads and legs in to put out our own fires.

Thank you, fellow hikers, for making my first hike as a Mountaineers leader easy.

To see more photos of this hike, go here.

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