Sunday, August 10, 2008

Excelsior Pass

It was a fun drive to the trailhead located off the Canyon Creek Road since it is paved for much of the way. One interruption to our buoyed mood, however, was that we came across Search and Rescue teams who had dogs and were in concentrated numbers. I asked what was going on and was told that they were looking for evidence from something that had happened two years ago. I guess you would do best to avoid trouble in this area if 2 years is their response time!

Our optimism returned when we reached the trailhead and it was not raining so we put our boots on but then, just as we were ready to hit the trail, the drops came down, big and heavy on the windshield. Back into the car we went, not willing to get soaked so early in the day. We were under time constraints to get back to the city so this rain was eating into our available hike time. After 40 minutes, the rain had let up and we were impatient, especially after driving for a half hour on the FS Road, so off we went.
It was an easier trail than the two others we hiked this weekend so Marie was in front, driving a hard pace while my legs were trying to loosen up and recover. I think I had consumed a total of 12 Ibuprofen so far over the weekend. We arrived at Damfino Lakes, small ponds hosting salamander and frogs and then continued toward Excelsior. The rain started once we reached the meadows but flowers are beautiful in any conditions (though the avalanche lillies looked a little down). It was clear (not!) that we would not be seeing any views today so once we reached our turnaround time, we headed back to the cars.
On the drive out, we saw sunshine and blue sky start to push through and were disappointed that we didn't have time for more hiking but, just then, a deluge obscured all of those thoughts.

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