Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bainbridge Island S24O (Sub 24-hour Outing)

Bicycle campers can usually be spotted from the way they look cold (can't pack enough clothing in stuffed panniers) and hungry (too many calories burned to replenish) but the Bainbridge Island micro bike tour that Todd and I planned was definitely plentiful in food and drink.

The food arrived by Jeep and mini-van, was wheeled over by moms (thanks Tammy and Kathleen) and carried by teenagers. The choices were plentiful: lemonade, root beer, wine, beer and hard lemonade. Now that's what I call a convenience store! The food came next: corn chips and pita chips for the hummus, fat zucchinis for grilling, garlic sauce, ketchup and mustard for the beef and veggie burgers. And just when we thought we couldn't eat any more, out came the brownies. Sqeezed in between all the eating we admired views of Rainier, downtown Seattle and the passing boats.

In the morning, Todd and I watched the sunrise and I talked to a guy on a motorcycle who had camped nearby. His Weimaraner, Uma, was carried in a 4-sided padded cage on his bike and he wore a Viking helmet with horns to gain more visibility (so motorcycles have that problem, too). He had ridden out from Lawn Gyland, New Yawk too see his son who was enrolled in the Outward Bound Instructors Course and they were going to spend a few days together after graduation.

He offered me half of his cantaloupe, saying that he couldn't imagine we'd have much food since we were traveling by bike. Oh, if only he knew!

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Unknown said...

Hi Louise,

I am pretty sure that "Lawngyland" is one word. Thanks for the great adventure and I love the cover photo of your blog page!