Saturday, May 10, 2008

Laughing all the way to Seabeck

When Greg and I rolled off the Southworh Ferry with the Rabid Rabbits of Goosebumps fame, we were so caught up in the frenetic pace that we just went right along with it 

and were swept up by it, too. Who wouldn't be with all those team 

jerseys, shaved legs and high-tech frames. But we were secretly wishing 

that we could take time to look at the gorgeous scenery and not just 

the wheel that was 5 inches from each of ours. 

After a death-defying 

leap across two lanes on the highway, we were into the hilly country, 

a new route that would keep us off of Hwy 3. Yes, it was my new route 

and, though I was warned that we would be grazing the "sex and 

violence of Bremerton", I preferred most anything to riding 5 miles on 

a highway. I think I was still within Laugher boundaries in making 

that choice; I'm not a Princess Laugher, after all, just a regular run- 

of-the-mill Laugher. 

After getting my heartrate into what surely must have been the "red
zone" (since Laughers don't much care for monitoring such things), I
dropped back significantly from the Rabbit pace. As the Rabbits nearly
vanished from sight up the road, Greg and I couldn't have been
happier, showing our true Laugher attitude. No one to chase after and
we could ride at our own pace. We laughed with a sigh of relief. Then,
when we spotted David the Deranged waiting for us at the next turn, I
worried that he had notions of eating the dead so we laughed and
chatted happily, showing him that we were not dead Rabbits; we were just very
alive Laughers. We were convincing in our demeanor and, to allay any
further attempts, assured him that we could find our own way and there
was no need for him to wait for us. 

We rolled in to Seabeck, home of Barbie's Cafe and some darn good pie
in time to see the Rabbits gnawing on some carrots. Since we Laughers
are serious eaters, we went inside to a table at Barbie's and feasted
on a three-course meal that included pie, of course. After lunch we
were off to pedal some new roads that David the Deranged had laid out
for us. There were many miles of enjoyable riding along forest with
some climbing, though gentle, and we became very optimistic that it
would be the easiest 80-miler we'd ever done. And then the real
climbing started up, up and up steeply and seriously but, being good-
natured Laughers, at no time did we curse the course creator. In fact,
we managed to add 10 miles of nearly flat to the route just because
the road looked nice and stayed away from heavier traffic. Plus, our
earlier hard efforts were rewarded when we spotted a sign marking a
pass we had attained. Now, this might not seem like Laugher attitude
but I will say from experience that this was the easiest pass one
could ever hope to attain on a bicycle. 

On our return to Southworth, we came across two Rabbits, one of the
chocolate milk variety. We couldn't tell if they were shell-shocked or
just waiting for a lagging Rabbit but we moved on so as not to get
caught up in one of their schemes. We took some time on the return to
gaze out at the scenery that we had missed earlier in the day. Then,
to our surprise, who should be at the ice cream stand at the ferry
dock but those rascally Rabbits, many of whom seemed to have lost
their hop and were trying to regain it with ice cream. We Laughers
passed up the cold treat for the more substantial energy replenishers
that awaited us on the West Seattle side. Yes, it was time for another 3-
course Laugher meal: wine, steak and cake (to be followed later by
Ibuprofen, of course). 

By the end of the meal, we were already thinking about our next ride
with the Laughers, sitting behind Bill's wheel, chatting and laughing
through the countryside. 

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